Care is available for the whole family, including expectant mothers, newborns, children and elderly family members..

The initial session with a new client takes about 50 minutes. We review all aspects of your present and past health history as well as a complete a family health history. We will answer all your questions about chiropractic care. We explain the different techniques offered by Dr. Lewin and Dr. Guinosso.

Each session of your chiropractic treatment will consist of adjustments by both Dr. Lewin and Dr. Guinosso.

Bio-Geometric Integration
Both Dr. Lewin and Dr. Guinosso use the BGI technique. BGI stands for Bio-Geometric Integration. This is a fascinating and effective system of analyzing the body for the presence of Vertebral Subluxation (VS) and a protocol for adjusting the VS. BGI was named as one of the top 10 chiropractic adjusting techniques in 2002 by The American Chiropractor, a journal for the chiropractic profession.

Light Force Adjustment
Dr. Lewin uses a "light force" adjustment technique by applying specific and extremely light force in and around your spine. These light force "contacts" or manipulations are meant to communicate directly with your central nervous system. This communication "shows" your nervous system how the body holds patterns of tension in and around the subluxation. The body responds to this information by immediately changing or eliminating these patterns of tension, allowing your body to adjust itself.

Structural Adjustment
Dr. Guinosso uses a structural adjustment technique, the traditional chiropractic method, by applying force directly to a misaligned spinal bone. This force helps the body guide the bone into a better position.

Our patients understand and participate in the various phases of chiropractic care. We offer a lending library and frequent workshops to help this process.

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